Brice Soniano

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° Brice Soniano (1979, Narbonne, France) picks up the double bass at 18 after listening to the album of pianist Bill Evans “You must Believe in Spring”. In 2000 he follows Hein Van de Geyn to the Netherlands where he studies for 5 years and graduates from both classical and jazz departments at The Hague Royal Conservatory. B.S. leaves then for the rainforest of Cameroon to experience life in a Baka pygmee camp together with singer Mette Burild and drummer Toma Gouband.
Now based in Denmark, B.S. plays composed music and improvises all over Europe as he has been chosen by composers Maurice Horsthuis (NL), Mathis Nitschke (D), and  Diego Soifer (Argentina/NL) to be a member of their respective ensembles Jargon, Gatno Tango, and Ur. Brice is also a member of Christian Mendoza’s Group (B), and of Harmen Fraanje’s Aneris (NL). His duo Rawfishboys -together with reeds player Joachim Badenhorst navigates in a “telepathic intimacy”, while his other duo “Beauty of the Useless” with Juan Parra Cancino (Chile) on electronics aims to share their own views of what pop music might sound in a time and place as close and far away as the edge of infinity.


  • “Sparrow Mountain”, with Joachim Badenhorst Carate Urio Orchestra (2013)
  • “Trinite”, with the Lionel Beuvens Quartet (Igloo records 2012)
  • “3/4 Peace”, in trio with Ben Sluijs and Christian Mendoza (El Negocitorecords 2012)
  • “Arbr’ en ciel”, with the Christian Mendoza Group (Werf 2011)
  • “Slang”, Jargon with Mark Feldman (Datarecords 2010)
  • “Piano works/piano worksn’t”, with the Rawfishboys (Rawfishboys 2008)
  • “1RDR”, Toma Gouband, Harmen Fraanje, Magic Malik (CristalRecords/Abeille 2006)
  • “Par4Chemins”, with Toma Gouband, Harmen Fraanje (Cristal Records 2005)