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Recent highlights from the press 

“There seems to be only one possible conclusion: these 3 men are made for each other.” (Enola .be 29/08/2016)

“Fluently and delicat” ****

(De Standaard, 09 december 2015 | kvk)

“An interesting personality to this one, switching between conversation techniques that employ straight-ahead jazz, Nordic folk jazz, classical and some free improv. And while the varied sounds do differentiate from one another, they all clearly come from the same flame.  Sometimes that fire possesses a distant warmth, other times a comforting heat, but in each instance, it’s equally captivating.”

(This Is Jazz Today 4th jan 2016 D. Summer)
“A remarkable acoustic trio, floating between classical, ambient and jazz-improvisation. Silent power.“

(Knack Focus, december 2015 F. Goossens)
“Astonishing beautiful cd from the Belgian trio 3/4 Peace.“

(VPRO-Vrije Geluiden-Holland Aad van Nieuwkerk , 30 december 2015)
“Jouer sur l’intime, la nuance, la sensibilité sans jamais lasser, c’est tout l’art de ce trio qu’il est vivement recommandé de partager.”

(Jazzaround, 01-2016 Jean-Pierre Goffin)
“Une musique tout en nuances”

(Jazz’Halo Claude Loxhay-janvier 2016)
“A delicate moment of beauty and peace. Everything the world needs so badly.“ (Jazzques, November 2015)

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© Cees van de Ven
© Cees van de Ven

“3/4 Peace“ was founded by the Belgian saxophone and flute player Ben Sluijs. At his side there are 2 younger musicians making entrance: the Belgian-Peruvian pianist Christian Mendoza and the French bassist Brice Soniano. A trio setting like this is quite original and rather rare. With memories of the more intimate sound of similar trios as Giuffrey/Bley/Swallow or the trio Konitz/Mehldau/Haden, also 3/4 Peace has unmistakable a sound of his own.

Trying to describe them is not so simple. Although the three men have a thorough knowledge of the jazz tradition, they are equally inspired in their improvisations and compositions by among others, the European classical music and jazz-culture.

These men play both standard schemes and free improvisation. There are arrangements of themes from classical music, but they write and play still mainly own original music. They witness a serious quest for the development of both the individual voice as the group sound, in which their three voices are equal.

A rhythmic bass line by Brice Soniano, supportive yet lightweight and precise can, for example, carry some jumpy lines of Christian Mendoza while the alto of Ben Sluijs from there tries to twist in the air. The trio can suddenly split into duos, drawn-out meditative solo moments, energetic trio improvisations …

A large part of the repertoire consists of lyrical melodies and strong harmonic written compositions, though there is always the possibility and the necessity to be able to let go these more solid forms. This way of working and playing has been successfully recorded on their first, very well received vinyl release (el NEGOCITO Records eNR009), and a further thorough way of working with compositions can be heard on the most recent album ‘Rainy Days on the common land’.